Founder and Executive Director

masutaniAikido of Pittsburgh was founded by Sensei Ruriko Masutani, Rokudan (6th dan). S. Masutani began practicing Aikido in her native Japan as a child in the early 1950’s under the guidance of her father. After moving to the United States and finally settling in Pittsburgh, S. Masutani continued training and began teaching seminars up and down the east coast.

Senior Instructors

Nigel Beckford, Godan (5th dan)

Matt Streiff, Godan (5th dan)

Alan Pelton, Godan (5th dan)

Skip Fox, Godan (5th dan)


Robert Intrieri, Yondan (4th dan)

Martin Pachol, Sandan (3rd dan)

Greg Yakich, Nidan (2nd dan)